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A good book is always on tap; it may be decanted and drunk a hundred times, and it is still there for further imbibement.

~Holbrook Jackson, "Book-Drinkers," The Anatomy of Bibliomania

About the Community

This is a community for thoughtful and critical reading and discussion of books. Each month a new book will be chosen by the members. There is no particular genre or preference for the books we read; we encourage equal-opportunity reading habits, and likewise are seeking readers who are interested in expanding their (and our) literary horizons.

The Book of the Month will be chosen on the first of each month. Discussion is open from the first through the end of the month; however, potential spoilers should be placed behind an LJ cut.

Membership and Mods

Membership is moderated, but not closed. New members are welcome and highly encouraged to post and comment. Lurkers are welcome too, but active membership is greatly encouraged. The purpose of the community is thoughtful discourse on our book selections each month; without contributing members, the community stagnates. Please join, read, post, comment, and share your thoughts.

The community is maintained and moderated by lydaclunas. If you have questions, comments, thoughts, inquiries, problems, concerns, or suggestions, please contact her.

Community Rules

1. Trolling and Flaming will not be tolerated in any circumstances. This is grounds for immediate banning. Currently I do not anticipate this being an issue, but in any case, let's keep our discourse civil.

2. Stay on-topic. Please keep posts and comments on-topic; that is, somehow pertaining to the Book of the Month.

3. Use LJ cuts when appropriate. Because not all members read at the same pace, be sure to place spoilers behind an LJ cut. This is particularly true if you are posting early in the month. Likewise, if your post is lengthy, please use an LJ cut.

4. Use proper language always. By "proper language" I mean proper to this community and the sort of discussion we're trying to foster, so please use good spelling, grammar, punctuation, and paragraph breaks. Please do not use excessive l33t, netspeak or profanity.*

5. Please avoid repeat posts. If you have thoughts on a particular aspect or theme of the book, post them! But, if someone has already posted on a particular topic, please add your thoughts in the comments instead of starting a new thread.

6. Read, post, comment and have fun.

*Now, since this is an online community, I see no sense in outlawing acronyms. I also think that banning "bad" words is just silly. All of that is part of our lingusitic tapestry. But some things are best in small doses.